Good enough for what, you may ask?  And to that, I say “good enough” for you!  For a sense of being OK with where you are.

We are all works in progress.  Part of being “good enough” is freeing our minds from guilt. 

How do you view goals and lists?  As things to absolutely get done, or things to glance at every once in a while?  How do you feel when that goal or list is or isn’t complete? Overwhelmed and defeated, “I don’t care,” or somewhere in between?

We all need the feeling that we are moving ahead -- or at least not backward in our lives.  Cultivating a sense of progress is essential to our growth.  Whether it’s at the gym, at our jobs, or in relationships, “small wins” are important to prevent our morale from crumbling. 

Progress is a relative term for each of us - not an absolute.  Measuring success in your own stage of life without comparing with others will foster a guilt-free mind and heart.  

Running is my outlet.  I can put on my music, escape life, clear my head and work out anxiety.  For the past few years, a chronic achilles problem has prevented me from running.  Disappointing - YES!  Discouraging - YES!  I have had to drastically use a different measure to prevent defeat.  My “small win” now is being able to walk my trail, and being OK with that. 


Am I running the LA Marathon like my client Kristen (you go, girl!!)?  No.  Is where I am good enough for me?  Yes