Gardening can cultivate fitness along with plants.  Here in So CA, spring has sprung, so I wanted to share some tips with you as you are coaxing blooms out of your hibernating yard.

 We all know that regular physical activity reduces the risk of many diseases.  But did you know that gardening can provide the same benefits as other types of physical activity?

  - Raking is like using a rowing machine.

  - Turning a compost pile is like lifting weights (yes, we have a compost pile!)

  - Carry a gallon sprinkling can of water in each hand and you’ve got 8 lb dumbells.

  - Pushing a lawnmower is like walking on a treadmill, only much more interesting and rewarding. 

 Stress good posture and balance while working - -  kneel instead of stooping, lift with bent knees and a straight back, and hold in your abdominals with every movement.  

 Enjoy the outdoors, drink in the spring sunshine (with your sunscreen on), plant flowers, and maybe start an easy herb garden in containers.  Mental health is just as important as physical activity for our well-being!